Unlocking Success in 2024: The Benefits of New Construction Deals and Partnering with Coastal Capital Funding as Your Lender

Unlocking Success in 2024: The Benefits of New Construction Deals and Partnering with Coastal Capital Funding as Your Lender

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, the year 2024 presents a unique window of opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the benefits of new construction deals. The market is ripe for growth, and strategic partnerships can play a pivotal role in ensuring success. One such partner that stands out is Coastal Capital Funding, a lender with a proven track record in facilitating new construction projects. In this article, we will explore the advantages of engaging in new construction deals in 2024 and why Coastal Capital Funding is the ideal financial partner for your ventures.

Rising Demand for New Construction:

The real estate market is witnessing a surge in demand for new, modern properties. With changing lifestyle preferences, homebuyers are increasingly inclined towards freshly constructed homes that incorporate the latest design trends, energy-efficient features, and smart home technologies. Investing in new construction aligns with these market trends, positioning investors for higher returns and increased demand for their properties.

Favorable Economic Conditions:

2024 marks a period of economic stability and growth, creating a conducive environment for real estate investment. Low-interest rates and favorable lending conditions make it an opportune time to secure financing for new construction projects. Coastal Capital Funding, with its expertise in navigating the financial landscape, can provide tailored solutions to match the specific needs of investors, ensuring cost-effectiveness and favorable terms.

Tax Incentives and Benefits:

Governments often incentivize new construction projects through tax breaks and incentives. These benefits can significantly contribute to the profitability of your investment. Coastal Capital Funding has a comprehensive understanding of these incentives and can guide you through the process, maximizing your returns and minimizing your tax liabilities.

Customized Financing Solutions:

Coastal Capital Funding distinguishes itself by offering customized financing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of new construction projects. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a first-time investor, their team of experts can structure a financing package that aligns with your financial goals and project timelines. This flexibility is crucial for navigating the complexities of new construction deals and ensuring a smooth development process.

Streamlined Approval Process:

Time is of the essence in the real estate industry, and Coastal Capital Funding recognizes the importance of a streamlined approval process. Their efficient and transparent lending procedures expedite project approvals, allowing investors to move quickly from the planning phase to breaking ground. This speed is a competitive advantage in securing prime properties and staying ahead in the market.

Proven Track Record:

Partnering with a reputable lender is paramount in ensuring the success of your new construction venture. Coastal Capital Funding has a proven track record of supporting successful projects across diverse markets. Their experience and industry knowledge make them a reliable partner that investors can trust to navigate the complexities of new construction financing.


As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, seizing the opportunities presented by new construction deals in 2024 can be a game-changer for investors. Coastal Capital Funding emerges as a strategic ally, offering a range of benefits, from customized financing solutions to a proven track record. By aligning your investment goals with the expertise of Coastal Capital Funding, you position yourself for success in the dynamic and lucrative world of new construction projects.

Leveraging DSCR Loans

Leveraging DSCR Loans

Leveraging DSCR Loans to Fund Airbnb Properties: Unlocking the Potential of Short-Term Rentals with AirDNA, the World’s most Trusted Short Term Rental Data Website

Coastal Capital Funding’s Guide to Maximizing Your Airbnb Investment

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, staying ahead of the curve often means harnessing the power of innovative tools and insights. The surge in popularity of Airbnb investment properties has prompted investors to seek financing solutions that will cater to the unique dynamics of the short-term rental market. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans have been a game-changer for those looking to fund their Airbnb ventures. And when it comes to calculating DSCR for Airbnb properties, AirDNA stands out as an invaluable resource.

Why AirDNA for DSCR Calculations?

Airbnb investment success hinges on various factors including location, property type, pricing strategies, and occupancy rates. To make informed financing decisions, investors need precise data to assess the income potential of their properties accurately. This is where AirDNA steps in as a game-changing resource for Airbnb investors and lenders alike.

AirDNA’s Property Rentalizer offers a comprehensive suite of tools and data analytics to help investors gauge the revenue-generating potential of their short-term rentals. Here’s why it’s a great choice for calculating DSCR for Airbnb properties:

Accurate Revenue Projections: AirDNA leverages extensive data on local rental markets, historical performance, and demand trends to provide investors with accurate revenue projections. This is crucial for estimating Net Operating Income (NOI), a key component of the DSCR calculation.

Occupancy Insights: Understanding occupancy rates is vital for DSCR calculations. AirDNA’s platform provides real-time occupancy data, helping investors assess how well their properties are likely to perform over time.

Market Comparisons: With AirDNA, you can compare your property’s performance against similar listings in your area. This data is invaluable for determining competitive pricing and assessing the potential for your investment to meet DSCR requirements.

Seasonal Trends: Airbnb income often fluctuates seasonally. AirDNA’s tools allow you to analyze seasonal trends, enabling you to plan for income variations and ensure your property consistently meets DSCR criteria.

Understanding DSCR Loans

Now that we’ve highlighted the benefits of using AirDNA to calculate DSCR for your Airbnb property, let’s delve into what DSCR loans are and how they can serve as a financial springboard for your investment.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans are a specialized form of commercial real estate financing. Unlike conventional residential loans, DSCR loans prioritize a property’s income-generating potential in determining the maximum loan amount that the property can qualify for. The DSCR ratio is calculated by dividing the property’s annual Projected GROSS Rental Income by its annual debt service (principal, interest, taxes, insurance, association dues). A DSCR ratio of 1.25 or greater is optimum, indicating that the property’s income should be at least 1.25 times greater than its debt service. As a lender, we like to see a minimum of a 1.0 DSCR and can go down to a .75 DSCR on a case by case basis.

Advantages of DSCR Loans for Airbnb Properties

Now, let’s explore why DSCR loans are an excellent choice for funding your Airbnb investments:

  • Income-Centric Evaluation: DSCR loans focus on your property’s ability to generate income, aligning perfectly with the dynamic income potential of Airbnb properties.
  • Flexible Financing: DSCR loans come in various structures and terms, providing flexibility to match your investment strategy. The most popular structure is a 30 year term with an amortizing, fixed interest rate. Interest only options are also available as well as 5,7 or 10 year ARMs
  • Higher Loan Amounts: Due to their income-focused approach, DSCR loans may allow you to qualify for more substantial loan amounts, ideal for investors wanting to refinance and pull cash out.
  • Portfolio Expansion: If your goal is to expand your Airbnb property portfolio, DSCR loans are designed to facilitate the financing of multiple income-generating properties, supporting your growth ambitions.


Investing in Airbnb properties can be a lucrative venture, and securing the right financing is essential. With AirDNA’s Property Rentalizer, you gain access to invaluable insights that can help you accurately assess your property’s income potential and if it will meet DSCR requirements. Coupled with Coastal Capital Funding’s expertise in DSCR loans, you can confidently unlock the full potential of your Airbnb investment. Don’t miss the opportunity to make data-driven financing decisions and propel your short-term rental investments to new heights.

Benefits of Working with Coastal Capital Funding

Benefits of Working with Coastal Capital Funding

For real estate investors planning to start the process of acquiring a new property asset to add to your portfolio, you will have to make an important initial decision when it comes to handling the financial aspect of the transaction. The majority of investors will have to borrow capital from a lending entity; however, there are a broad range of potential lenders to choose from—and the funding source that you end up settling on will significantly impact your experience over the lifetime of the subsequent loan. One of the biggest distinguishing factors among the lending options that you have available to you is whether they are classified as a traditional or private lender. Although each and every investment property acquisition differs in some aspect, the majority of seasoned real estate investors choose to work with private money lenders as opposed to a traditional bank. The experienced team of financial experts at Coastal Capital Funding have years of experience crafting innovating funding solutions that enable investors to grow and scale their businesses—here’s their take on some of the main advantages of working with a private lender.

Maximum Efficiency

Conventional banking institutions are required to abide by stringent federal guidelines when underwriting loans. That translates into severely reduced flexibility when it comes to offering investors financial options to close a deal. Banks are also usually larger organizations. Meaning that while you may submit your loan application at the nearest location, there may be hundreds of affiliated offices scattered throughout the country all managed by a remote corporate office that sets the overarching policies. So if you do not met their specific requirements exactly, you have no other alternative but to seek out an alternative lender. This is not how private lenders function. For starters, the applicable statutes for private lenders are far less restrictive, allowing them to work with investors to develop viable funding plans that are individually tailored to each unique investment project. Private lenders are also typically much smaller entities. Just miss the credit score requirement by a quarter of a percent? A traditional bank would show you the door. Only need a loan for six months? There’s a good chance a bank would laugh you out of the office. A private lender like Coastal Capital Funding, on the other hand, is willing to work with you in both scenarios to come up with a solution.

Optimal Flexibility

On top of having the ability to adjust the underwriting requirements to qualify for a loan, private lenders are also capable of adjusting course midway through the loan term to adapt to changing circumstances. Unexpected developments and setbacks can and often do happen during investment projects that can inhibit an investor’s ability to make timely payments. Banks’ standard operating procedure is to send you a few delinquency notice letters then repossess the property. Or, alternatively, if you generate more revenue than expected and attempt to pay off the loan ahead of schedule, they will hit you with a huge prepayment penalty. Private lenders can adjust repayment schedules easily and Coastal Capital Funding does not impose prepayment fees. At the end of the day, your success as an investor is a win for the Coastal team—and we are more than willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

A Trusted Lending Partner

Coastal Capital Funding is a direct private lender that prides itself in offering accessible and efficient funding solutions for investors throughout Virginia and North Carolina as well as across the country. We implement a transparent, common-sense philosophy when it comes to underwriting, allowing us to facilitate transactions of all sorts in a fraction of the time and hassle it takes if you were to work with a traditional bank. What differentiates CCF from other lenders is Service, Service and Service. Our phones are available to our clients 7 days a week. With over three decades of collective experience in the real estate industry, the CCF team has the insight to help you take your investment business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!

The Impact of Political and Economic Uncertainty on the Real Estate Market

The Impact of Political and Economic Uncertainty on the Real Estate Market

Political and economic uncertainty can significantly influence various sectors, including the real estate market. In times of instability, investors and consumers tend to exhibit caution and adopt a wait-and-see approach. In this article, the Private Lending experts at Coastal Capital Funding explore the potential relationship between political and economic uncertainty and its effects on the real estate market, highlighting the key factors that contribute to fluctuations in this sector.

Investor Confidence and Market Volatility

Political and economic uncertainty erodes investor confidence, leading to increased market volatility. Investors can be hesitant to commit to long-term investments, such as real estate, due to concerns about policy changes, unstable economic conditions, and potential shifts in government regulations. This hesitancy can lead to decreased demand for properties, impacting both residential and commercial segments of the real estate market.

Financing and Mortgage Rates

During times of political and economic uncertainty, financial institutions become more cautious and tighten their lending standards. This can make it more challenging for individuals and businesses to secure financing for real estate transactions. This is a great time to build a relationship with a hard money lender or a private lender who can bridge that financing gap.

Additionally, uncertainty can result in fluctuations in mortgage interest rates, making it difficult for potential buyers to predict borrowing costs accurately. Higher interest rates may discourage individuals from investing in real estate or make it harder for them to afford properties, leading to a slowdown in the market.

Consumer Sentiment and Buying Behavior

Uncertainty affects consumer sentiment, influencing their buying behavior in the real estate market. When individuals are unsure about the future economic and political landscape, they may delay purchasing decisions, especially regarding significant investments like real estate. Reduced consumer demand can result in longer selling times, increased inventories, and potentially lower property prices.

Foreign Investment and Global Capital Flows

Political and economic uncertainty in one country can have a spill-over effect on global capital flows. Investors, particularly those from abroad, may divert their capital away from countries experiencing instability and direct it toward more secure markets. Consequently, the real estate market in countries with high levels of uncertainty may experience a decline in foreign investment, impacting property values and market activity.

Government Policies and Regulations

Political uncertainty often leads to a reevaluation and potential revision of government policies and regulations. Changes in regulations can significantly impact the real estate market, such as altering tax structures, land-use policies, or zoning regulations. Uncertainty surrounding these changes can create instability and deter real estate investors, as they face an unpredictable environment for their investments.

Regional Disparities and Market Segments

Political and economic uncertainty may affect different regions and market segments unevenly. For instance, in times of uncertainty, investors may seek safer investments, leading to increased demand for properties in stable regions or specific market segments, such as prime residential areas or commercial properties with long-term leases. Conversely, regions heavily reliant on specific industries or vulnerable to policy changes may experience more significant declines in real estate activity and prices.


Real estate investing offers several positive reasons to consider it as a great opportunity, regardless of the economic market. With its long-term value, potential for cash flow and passive income, tax benefits, diversification potential, inflation hedge, control over the investment, and portfolio diversification advantages, real estate can be a lucrative and stable investment option. While market conditions may influence specific investment strategies, real estate investing provides the potential for wealth creation and financial stability over the long run.

While uncertainty may lead to decreased activity, longer selling times, and potential declines in property values, it is important to remember that the real estate market is resilient. As stability returns, market dynamics can change, and opportunities for investors and consumers emerge. Understanding the relationship between political and economic uncertainty and the real estate market can help stakeholders navigate these challenges and make informed decisions during times of flux.

New Construction Highlights:  What to Consider for the Remainder of 2023

New Construction Highlights: What to Consider for the Remainder of 2023

The back-to-back increases in builder activity in both January and February 2023 suggest that there is renewed optimism in the construction industry for the upcoming year. While it is difficult to make a blanket statement about the state of the housing market for the entire year, as the market is subject to various factors such as permits, starts, material prices, construction labor, and deliveries, Coastal Capital Funding has provided an analysis on the new construction market for real estate investors and developers to consider as they plan and prepare for the remainder of 2023.

The 2023 new construction market is expected to see steady growth, with a 6.1% increase in the US construction industry and a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2023 and 2027. However, there are some challenges to keep in mind, such as the projected decrease in single-family starts and permits, and the expected increase in construction material prices.

Builders and developers may want to pivot from spec homes to pre-sold homes to limit risk and ensure a profitable exit, and also factor in higher labor costs for a more accurate budget in 2023. Despite these challenges, demand for new builds is still very solid, with a critical mass of buyers in the market.

Overall, while the new construction market may not be as profitable as in previous years, there is still plenty of money to be made in new home sales and starts across the market. Investors and builders should remain attentive to the various factors that may impact the market, such as interest rates and material prices, however the fundamentals are there for builders to succeed and profit in 2023.

CCF offers a comprehensive approach to lending for real estate investors, with a focus on customized loan programs that are designed to meet their specific needs. The emphasis on smart, efficient lending decisions and fast, flexible financing without red tape shows that CCF is committed to helping its clients move quickly in a competitive market. Our quick approvals and hands-on approach demonstrates our dedication to providing excellent service to our clients. If you are looking for a strong, RELIABLE partner for your real estate investing needs, look no further.

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The Benefits of New Construction Loans

The Benefits of New Construction Loans

For seasoned residential real estate investors, you probably have experience handling a wide range of new-build initiatives, whether its single-family houses or multi-family developments. However, successfully transitioning from blueprints to fully completed residences entails meticulous planning, considerable time, and—perhaps most importantly—reliable financing.

The good news is that there is a plethora of loan products for you to access the capital you need to complete your next construction project. One great option is using a new construction loan. The lending experts at Coastal Capital Funding have been assisting successful real estate investors for years obtain the financial resources they need to achieve their goals and have leveraged that experience to provide you with the following overview of the major benefits of new construction loans and how you go about obtaining this specifically structured funding.

Construction Loan Basics

To assist you in starting your next construction project off on the right foot, you can opt for a new construction loan to pay for project expenses prior to transitioning to a more long-term form of funding like a conventional mortgage. New construction loans are intended to provide a streamlined capital solution for developers planning to build new homes from the ground up. While it is somewhat similar to your standard mortgage, a new construction loan is distinct due to its efficient underwriting timeline, compressed duration and periodic disbursal schedule at clearly distinguishable project milestones as opposed to one lump sum disbursement.

These short-term funding plans usually only extend for approximately one year instead of continuing for the multiple years conventional mortgages typically do. Based on the particular construction plan, the new construction loan can be used to cover the acquisition of the land, obtaining any necessary licenses, paying fees, or acquiring materials, workers and contractors. Because new construction projects are often on a strict deadline, investors should be prepared to provide their chosen lender with a detailed overview of their proposed development during the underwriting process—including key metrics such as overall operating budget, anticipated timeline and architectural schematics.

Advantages of a New Construction Loan

  • Accessibility & Speed: Private lenders like Coastal Capital Funding offer a streamlined underwriting process, allowing them to evaluate, approve and disburse funds in a fraction of the time it takes conventional banks to do so. And because hard money lenders have greater flexibility when it comes to the individuals they lend to, they are able to work with investors who may not have a stellar credit score or verifiable income but still have a viable construction project with tons of potential upside.
  • Cost-Effective Funding Alternative: Although conventional financing options and personal loans may carry reduced interest rates, those loan installment plans usually last for multiple decades—meaning you end up paying a ridiculous amount in the form of interest over the lifetime of the loan. Compare that with a new construction loan, where the entire balance will be completely paid off in around a year, with most plans requiring you to only pay interest on funds drawn to date until the project is done. When you crunch those numbers, it is readily apparent that new construction loans can save you a ton thanks to their relatively short duration.

Private Real Estate Lending Made Easy

Coastal Capital Funding is a Direct Private Lender, funding a variety of real estate projects throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Nationwide.CCF offers quick, efficient common-sense funding solutions when traditional lending institutions fall short in terms of speed, underwriting and out of the box thinking.The CCF team brings thirty years of experience in the real estate industry. Our market knowledge and experience has us uniquely positioned to be your private lender of choice. We understand the needs and wants of our clients and we are hands-on with you every step of the way. We approach each deal as if it were our own- by identifying capital requirements and providing the correct funding solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving all of your investment goals.