Long Term Rental Loans

Annual Rental Property AND Short-Term Vacation & Furnished Rentals

Coastal Capital Funding can help you GROW your rental portfolio without the strict regulations, credit and seasoning requirements found at banks.

  • Secure rental property without seasoning requirements
  • Lower and more flexible credit requirements than banks
  • CCF provides short term acquisition and renovation loan
  • CCF can assist you with refinancing into a 30 year permanent loan

Acquiring rental property and building a rental portfolio requires a strong team around you. Lenders that drag their feet, unreasonable seasoning requirements and personal credit requirements are deal killers. CCF understands this and has taken a common sense approach to your funding needs.

This is what you will get with  Rental Loan from CCF:

  • Fast, efficient loan approval process
  • No seasoning requirements
  • Lower, more flexible credit requirements
  • Closings as fast as 48 hours from clear title
  • A dedicated team to serve all of your needs

Finding the right rental property takes skill, due diligence and commitment. It also takes the right funding partner that will allow you to execute and move quickly with confidence. The CCF team is committed to your success and will be with you every step of the way.



Do I need good credit?

While credit does play a part in determining the risk to a lending institution, hard money lenders have more flexibility than banks when it comes to credit scores. To secure a Rental Loan, borrowers will need a credit score of 600-650+.

Can I Start with a Fix and Flip Loan, then refinance into a Rental Loan?

Yes. The Rental Loan does not include funds for repairing a distressed property, but you can rehab a property with a Fix and Flip Loan before refinancing into a 30-year Rental Loan. This strategy allows you to fix a property and keep it as a rental using a single lender who already has your borrower documents on file.

What can the Rental Loan be used for?

This loan can be used to purchase/refinance single-family and multi-family properties to be used as rentals with no seasoning requirements.

It can also be used for Short-Term Rental properties such as AirBnb and monthly furnished rentals!

    Why Choose Coastal Capital Funding?


    • Complimentary consultation
    • Fast Approvals
    • Close in as little as 48 hours
    • Flexible Terms
    • Acquisitions $75,000-$2 Million



    Real estate investing can be tricky, but partnering with the right people make the whole process simpler. And when it comes to choosing a lender for an Acquisition Loan, not all hard money lenders are equal. What makes our programs stand out isn’t just the free, fast underwriting and low rates, it’s the personal attention you receive from your dedicated advisor and their experience with acquisitions. As the largest lender in the Mid-Atlantic, we’ve helped hundreds of investors secure capital to acquire investment properties.


    Our team and your dedicated loan specialist have real-life investing experience, so we know how to meet your needs and avoid pitfalls. We don’t just serve as your source of capital, we’re here to offer guidance and take the guesswork out of investing. From start to finish, we’re to ensure your success and establish a prosperous business relationship.


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