New Construction Loans

New Construction Loans Made Easy!

Coastal Capital Funding has extensive experience in residential new construction and we understand the needs of builders and developers. From acquisition and permitting to construction and outsale, CCF is uniquely qualified to assist you in every aspect of your project.

  • Designed for buildable, shovel-ready lots, tear down properties and infill development
  • Funding for both land acquisition and construction
  • Loan approval in as little as 48 hours

Ever find the right piece of property for new construction or development only to lose it due to a slow lender that either did not understand the deal or had too much red tape? Not at CCF! We are experts in new construction, understand your needs and will assist you every step of the way, ensuring your success. 

Whether it’s a tear down, finished lots ready to build or infill development, CCF will design a New Construction loan specifically to meet your needs.




How long does it take to get a loan approved?

If you submit your loan application with all necessary documentation, including building plans, budgets, appraisals and permits, and everything checks out, funding may be approved in as little as 48 hours. The loan closing process moves smoothly and quickly based on a thorough, complete loan application. 

How much of the building costs will be covered?

CCF normally funds 100% of the cost of construction. There are several factors that go into this, primarily experience, Loan-To-Value (LTV) and the Appraised Value. 

Are New Construction loans riskier than other types of funding?

YES. Most Acquisition loans and Fix and Flip loans are made on properties that have an existing asset already on them. A New Construction loan is made on a property where the asset has yet to be constructed. Due to the potential for unforeseen complications during construction, a New Construction loan is considered a higher risk until it has been completed. Borrowers must have a proven track record in new construction or an experienced, qualified superintendent as well as a Class A contractor license

How many properties can I use it for?

New construction loans can be used for a single-family home, multiple detached homes, or a multi-family property. 

How long do I have until the loan needs to be paid back?

The typical loan term is 6-12 months, meaning that you have up until that time to pay off the loan and there is no prepayment penalty. Extensions are considered on a case by case basis if you run into unforeseen problems such as mother nature, materials or contractor issues. Without an extension, borrowers will have to pay off their loan or refinance out of it through another source of capital.

Why Choose Coastal Capital Funding?


  • Complimentary consultation
  • Fast Approvals
  • Close in as little as 48 hours
  • Flexible Terms
  • Acquisitions $75,000-$2 Million



Real estate investing can be tricky, but partnering with the right people make the whole process simpler. And when it comes to choosing a lender for an Acquisition Loan, not all hard money lenders are equal. What makes our programs stand out isn’t just the free, fast underwriting and low rates, it’s the personal attention you receive from your dedicated advisor and their experience with acquisitions. As the largest lender in the Mid-Atlantic, we’ve helped hundreds of investors secure capital to acquire investment properties.


Our team and your dedicated loan specialist have real-life investing experience, so we know how to meet your needs and avoid pitfalls. We don’t just serve as your source of capital, we’re here to offer guidance and take the guesswork out of investing. From start to finish, we’re to ensure your success and establish a prosperous business relationship.


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