A Superior Business Model Targeting 10%-12% Annual Returns

Providing a Consistent, Limited Risk, HIGH-YIELD Alternative to Traditional Fixed Income Investments

CCF Income Fund (The FUND) is a Professionally Managed Portfolio of Short Term, First Position Real Estate Loans.

The Fund Offers an 8%Preferred Return to Accredited Investors and Targets 10%-12% Overall Annual Returns.

The FUND targets Short Term real estate loans (typically 4-18 months) secured in first lien position, supported by strict underwriting guidelines and conservative loan to value ratios.

Loans are collateralized primarily by single-family and multi-family residential properties. Certain mixed-use, vacant land and small balance commercial properties will also be considered.

The FUND’s Objectives are to:

  • Preserve Investor Capital
  • Deliver Consistent, HIGH-YIELD Returns Through a Prudent Risk/Return Strategy with Low Correlation to the Public Markets
  • Provide Quarterly Cash Flow to Investors (with Option to Reinvest)
  • Achieve 10-12% Annual Returns for Investors

The Manager of The FUND is Coastal Capital Funding, LLC (“CCF”), an experienced real estate investment firm headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. CCF originates, sources, underwrites, funds and services these short term real estate loans in Virginia, North Carolina and nationwide.

CCF Income Fund Benefits and Features

Trusted Experience

Founded by real estate industry veterans with a combined 45 years’ experience in the industry.

Attractive & Reliable Returns

Long-Term Track Record Providing Consistent, HIGH YIELD, Low Volatility Returns to Investors

Investment Security

  • Short Term Loans 4-18 Months
  • 1st Lien Positions
  • Institutional Underwriting
  • Personal Guarantees
  • 0% Default Rate Since Inception

Wall Street/Institutional Partnerships

  • Loans can be Sold to our Wall Street Partners
  • Reduces Portfolio Risk
  • Creates the Ability to Lend Nationwide
  • Enhances Returns

Lending Is a Lower Risk Approach to Real Estate Investing

  • No Personal Guarantees
  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Higher Yield than Direct Ownership
  • Less Hassle than Owning Real Estate
  • Foreclosure Rights = Lower Risk

Third Party Oversight

  • Trust, Transparency, Verification
  • 3rd Party Firms for Verification, Fund Administration and Accounting
  • Provides Investors with Safety, Confidence and Peace of Mind

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